H.E. Saleh Salem Bahwini is reelected as President of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) for the second time in a row.

The elected executive committee honours its specialized elite sport world giants in the field of history and statistics in football.

Announcing the committee members:

The first French vice president Robert Ley, the second Argentinian vice president Julio Hector Macias, the third Danish vice president  Jorgen Nielsen, UAE general secretary Jassem Al-Sayed; including the rest of the executive committee members: the Croatian Fani Stipkovic, the Russian Igor Goldes, the Spanish José Del Olmo, the Egyptian Khaled Abul Oyon, the Indian Ashish Pendse, the Tunisian Imed Kilani, the Cameroonian Ignatius Fon Echekiye,the Brazilian Clovis Martins Da Silva, the Mexican Marcelo Assaf. The Australian Edward Simmons and the Mexican Carlos F. Ramirez were both elected as Honorable Members of the executive committee.

The former Saudi player Mohammed Souwaid and the Palestinian Ibrahim Al-Najjar were appointed as the president’s Consultants.

This victory came in the wake of the great efforts accomplished through the President H.E. Saleh Salem Bahwini’s last five presidency years (since March 23, 2014,) that renovated the international federation. Many achievements contributed with the revival of this International Federation, promoted and consolidated its global status among the world while embracing the legends and football stars in the world. Furthermore, he activated the Federation’s role in the development of international football through many of the activities, stating some:

– Developing and adopting a clear strategy for the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

– Founding and renovating the headquarters of the Federation in Zurich, Switzerland, and officially legalized with the Swiss Government giving the Federation (IFFHS) its international legitimacy as an official international sports organization.

– Issuing all the official documents and licenses enabling the exercising the (IFFHS)Federation’s functions and official objectives in all countries of the world.

-Adopting the football legends project in the world (Gala and Championship football legends for women and men).

– Reforming and developing the International Federation’s constitution and its formal adoption by the Swiss Government and its international status.

-Establishing the largest social networking site (FOOTBALFAMILIES) for all football fans and star players in the world.

-Contribution and participation of the executive committee in many international forums.

– Participation of the executive committee in  Sao Paulo’s Brazil World Cup 2014.

– Launching the official website of the International Federation of Football for History and Statistics, April 2014.

– Prelude, launch, and sponsorship of the online journal April 2014.

– Issuing and publishing the annual journal of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics since 2014.

– Participation in the Soccerex exhibition in Manchester, 2015.

– Participation in the Pachuca Conference and Gala of “Football Legend” Players in Mexico City, Mexico, November 2015.

– Holding several meetings of the Executive Council, held in Dubai 2014, Zurich 2015, Mexico 2015, Nairobi 2016, San Marino 2017, China 2018 and other meetings and conferences.

– Participation as members at the United Nations Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, as the Conference’s Official Spokesperson and Official Participant in Building the World’s Development and Economy under the UNCTAD 2016 Program. Joining an agreement with the United Nation to establish joint cooperation.

– Participation in the African Nations Cup for Women’s Football in Cameroon 2016.

– Participation in the finals of the African Nations Cup for Men in Gabon 2017.

– Participation in San Marino’s State Conference 2017, which included a visit and inspection of the sports facilities in Rimini city, Italy.

– Meeting with the Chinese Football Association held in Shanghai, May 2018.

– Annual Advertising of the Football Award Winners:

  • -Club World Ranking Men
  • -The World’s Best Women Playmaker
  • -The World’s Best Men Playmaker
  • -The World’s Best Men Goalkeeper
  • -The World’s Best Women Goalkeeper
  • – The World’s Best Men Top Goal Scorer
  • – The World’s Best Men International Goal Scorer
  • -The World’s Best Women Referee
  • -The World’s Best Men Referee
  • -The World’s Best Women Club
  • -The World’s Best National Coach for Men
  • -The World’s Best Club Coach for Men
  • -The Strongest League in the World for Men
  • – The TOP 11 Men
  • – The TOP 11 Women
  • -The Best Team in World Cup 2018 for Men
  • -The World’s Best Player in the World Cup 2018







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