Raúl García enters “Club 600+ games” in top 5 European leagues

Athletic Bilbao midfielder Raúl García made on 12 February vs Almeria (0-0) his 600th appearance in the Spanish league. He became just the third player in the history of the tournament to reach this milestone, after Andoni Zubizarreta and Joaquín.
At the same time, Raúl García became the 32nd member of the “Club 600+ games”, uniting players with 600+ matches in the top divisions of the top 5 leagues in Europe.
The record is held by Peter Shilton, 848 matches (all in his native English league).
Raúl García is one of 4 currently active players on the “Club 600+”, along with Pepe Reina, James Milner and Cristiano Ronaldo (who is outside of top 5 European leagues now).

1Peter Shilton848England1966-1991848    
2John Hollins714England1964-1983714    
3Ray Clemence710England1970-1988710    
4Pat Jennings709Northern Ireland1965-1985709    
5Martin Peters688England1962-1980688    
6Gianluigi Buffon675Italy1995-2021 17 658 
7Ryan Giggs672Wales1991-2014672    
8Joaquín671Spain2001-2023   49622
9Mick Mills658England1969-1985658    
10Gareth Barry653England1998-2018653    
11Pepe Reina651Spain2000-297 3190161
12Paolo Maldini 648Italy1985-2009   648 
13Miroslav Votava642Germany1976-1996  546 96
14James Milner634England2003-634    
15Alan Ball Jr.632England1963-1983632    
 Stanley Matthews632England1934-1965632    
17Steve Perryman630England1970-1987630    
18Cristiano Ronaldo626Portugal 2002-2022236  98292
19Andoni Zubizarreta622Spain1981-1998    622
20Francesco Totti619Italy1992-2017   619 
21Mickaël Landreau618France1997-2014 618   
22Javier Zanetti616Argentina 1995-2014   616 
 Raúl616Spain1994-2012  66 550
24Gary Speed614Wales1991-2008614    
25Frank Lampard 609England1996-2015609    
 Ian Callaghan609England1963-1978609    
 Frank McLintock609Scotland1960-1977609    
28David Seaman607England1986-2004607    
29Bobby Charlton606England1957-1973606    
30Jean-Luc Ettori602France1975-1994 602   
 Charly Körbel602Germany1972-1991  602  
32Raúl García600Spain2004-    600