Picture : 69th Goal in 2021 for Robert Lewandowski yesterday !

Lewandowski: 2nd annual result in XXI century!

On December 17, Robert Lewandowski has played his last match in the finishing year (Bayern - Wolfsburg 4-0) and not left the pitch without a goal again.
Thus, he ended 2021 with an epic result of 69 goals in all official matches for the club and national team. This is the second annual result in the world football in XXI century. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the same number in 2013. Only Lionel Messi stands above with his incredible 91 goals in 2012.
Now there are 7 cases over the century when a player scored 60+ goals in a calendar year. All 6 previous are Cristiano Ronaldo’s (4) and Messi’s (2); all belong to the period 2010 - 2014 when both extraterrestrials were experiencing the peak of their goal-scoring careers.
For Lewandowski, heyday came only now, at the age of 33. Along the way, he also broke the record for goals in German Bundesliga in a calendar year - 43. Gerd Müller had 42 in 1972.

 XXI CENTURY         
 PlayerYearClubCountryGoals    Total
1Lionel Messi 2012BarcelonaArgentina5971312 91
2Cristiano Ronaldo2013Real Madrid Portugal3861510 69
3Robert Lewandowski 2021Bayern Poland4321311 69
4Cristiano Ronaldo2012Real Madrid Portugal405135 63
5Cristiano Ronaldo2014Real Madrid Portugal383155 61
6Lionel Messi 2010Barcelona Argentina424122 60
7Cristiano Ronaldo2011Real Madrid Portugal43557 60

NL - National League

NC - National Cup

ICC - International Club Competition

NT - National Team