Picture : Eidur with his father Arnor Gudjohnsen (1) - the two sons of Eidur , Andri (2) and Svein Aron (3).

Two exceptional Icelandic dynasties

Two of Iceland’s goals in the autumn part of the World Cup 2022 qualifying stage were scored by Andri Guðjohnsen (vs North Macedonia on 5 September and vs Liechtenstein on 11 October). 
Thus, 19-year striker develops the tradition set by his grand-father and continued by father. The Guðjohnsen dynasty became the second in the history of world football, in which representatives of three generations have scored goals for the national team. 
Andri’s grand-father Arnór scored 14 such goals over his career, and his father Eiður 26.
Next to Andri, his older brother Sveinn Aron plays for Iceland. They both debuted this year. Sveinn Aron has not scored goals yet, but it was he who assisted Andri in the match Liechtenstein.

Interestingly, the first such dynasty is also Icelandiс. Its founder Albert Guðmundsson (picture left) scored 2 goals for the national team. His son Ingi Björn Albertsson scored then the same amount. The great-grandson (that is, the representative of the 4th generation), named also Albert Guðmundsson, went further and has already scored 6 goals (picture right).
One link is missing here (3rd generation). Although it could have been filled. The fact is that Kristbjörg Ingadóttir, daughter of Albertsson and mother of Albert Guðmundsson II, also played football, including for the national team, but did not score goals.
The husband of Kristbjörg (father of Albert Guðmundsson II) also played (and scored) for the national team, but since we are considering only direct relationship, we do not take him into account here.

Gen.PlayerDate of birthNT CareerGamesGoals
 Guðmundsson (Iceland)    
1Albert Guðmundsson I 05/10/19231946–195862
2Ingi Björn Albertsson 03 November 19521971–1979152
4Albert Guðmundsson15 June 19972017–276
 Guðjohnsen (Iceland)    
1Arnór Guðjohnsen 30 April 19611979–19977314
2Eiður Guðjohnsen 15 September 19781996–20168826
3Sveinn Aron Guðjohnsen  12 May 19982021–6 
3Andri Guðjohnsen 29 January 20022021–42