Picture : Lee Casciaro leads the ranking.

Casciaro and Ibrahimović: new oldest players in Euro history

In the March qualifiers of Euro 2024, two players at once have beaten the long-term record for oldest age to play in a game of European championship (including both final and qualification stages).
This record stood for almost 40 years and belonged to Dino Zoff who has played at the age of 41 years 90 days in a qualifier vs Sweden (0-2) on 29 May 1983.
Zlatan Ibrahimović overcame Zoff having appeared for Sweden at 41 years 172 days old in the game vs Belgium as a 73rd minute sub. 
However, he failed to become the new recordsman (at least now) because Gibraltar fielded at the same time Lee Casciaro who is 4 days older than Zlatan. 
Casciaro, a policeman by profession, managed to hold two almost full qualifiers (he was subbed in the dying minutes both times) in 4 days. He got on top of the ranking being 41 years 170 days old.
They both, Ibrahimović and Casciaro, are strikers. Some unusual thing, given that the age rankings are usually topped by goalkeepers.

 PlayerCountryAge (Y-D)GameDate
1Lee CasciaroGibraltar41-179Netherlands (0:3)27/03/2023
2Zlatan IbrahimovićSweden41-172 Belgium (0:3)24/03/2023
3Dino Zoff                 Italy            41-090Sweden (0:2)29/05/1983
4Mario Frick                   Liechtenstein 41-035     Austria (0:3)12/10/2015
5Jákup Mikkelsen               Faroe Islands    40-359Northern Ireland (0:4)10/08/2011
6Juli Sánchez Soto             Andorra 40-356    France (0:4)11/06/2019
7Roman Berezovski           Armenia  40-312 Portugal (2:3)13/06/2015
8Serghei Stroenco              Moldova  40-237    Malta (3:2)17/10/2007
9Gábor KirályHungary40-086Belgium (0:4)26/06/2016
10Jim Leighton                  Scotland         40-078    Estonia (3:2)10/10/1998
11Maik Taylor                   Northern Ireland  40-037     Italy (0:3) 11/10/2011