Neuer, 12th member of Bundesliga “Club 500+ games”

Manuel Neuer has made last weekend (vs Wolfsburg 2-0) his 500th Bundesliga appearance (156 for Schalke and 344 for his current team Bayern). 
He is 12th player to reach this mark in the Bundesliga history (since 1963) and only 3rd who did it in XXI century (along with Stefan Reuter and Oliver Kahn).
He became also the 4th goalkeeper in the Bundesliga “Club 500+ games”, after Uli Stein, Eike Immel and just mentioned Oliver Kahn.
The founder of this “Club” was Willi Neuberger, first ever player to conquer the peak 500. 
Karl-Heinz Körbel is at the moment the only one to achieve the higher milestone of 600 games.
After Kahn entered it as the 11th member in 2006, the “Club 500+” remained frozen during more than 17 years. It took so much time for the 12th to emerge.
Now, there is a good chance that the next member will come pretty soon. The Neuer’s long-term team-mate Thomas Müller has amassed 472 games, so he should be able to reach the mark in the next season (if he stays in Bundesliga, of course).

 PlayerGamesBy teamsFirst GameLast Game
1Karl-Heinz Körbel602Eintracht F 60214/10/197208/06/1991
2Manfred Kaltz581Hamburg 58120/08/197117/04/1991
3Oliver Kahn557Karlsruhe 128, Bayern 42927/11/198717/05/2008
4Klaus Fichtel552Schalke 477, Werder 7514/08/196521/05/1988
5Mirko Votava546Borussia D 189, Werder 35725/09/197606/12/1996
6Klaus Fischer535Schalke 295, Köln 96, Bochum 84, 1860 München 60 17/08/196819/03/1988
7Eike Immel534Stuttgart 287,  Borussia D 24712/08/197817/06/1995
8Willi Neuberger520Eintracht F 267, Borussia D 148, Werder 63, Wuppertal 4217/09/196604/06/1983
9Michael Lameck518Bochum 51816/09/197216/04/1988
10Ulrich Stein512Hamburg 228, Eintracht F 224, Arminia 6011/08/197811/04/1997
11Stefan Reuter502Nürnberg 100, Bayern 95, Borussia D 30710/08/198515/05/2004
12Manuel Neuer 500Schalke 156, Bayern 34419/08/2006