Rodri dominates English ranking for undefeated players

Rodri remains unbeaten with Manchester City for 72 consecutive matches in all competitions, including the today’s league match against Fulham (4-0).
The Spanish midfielder has long ago broken the record in this category for players who featured in top division of the English League.
Before him, this record was held by Ricardo Carvalho (58 consecutive games without defeat for Chelsea in 2006-2008).
We publish a list of the best such series in England of all time. Behind Rodri, there are 3 players from Chelsea in their happy first decade of this century, and 3 from Nottingham Forest in their glorious period of the late 1970s.
Colin Barrett deserves special attention. This player, struggling from injuries, had to retire early and did it with his 48-game streak still open. 
Barrett added the last 2 matches of his run in Swindon (in the League Cup). After which he hung up his boots.

 ENGLAND    LEAGUE         
 ClubGamesWDNationTeamsNLNCLCNSCLUSCWFrom To
1Rodri725616SpainManchester City485 1151212/02/2023 
2Ricardo Carvalho584315Portugal Chelsea3467110  08/11/200619/02/2008
3Viv Anderson573324EnglandNottingham3751014  25/11/197724/11/1978
4Colin Barrett492524EnglandNottingham333913  25/11/197712/08/1980
5Paulo Ferreira48408Portugal Chelsea3086 4  23/12/200713/04/2010
6Wayne Bridge473512EnglandChelsea2858 6  27/08/200616/02/2008
7Kenny Burns442420ScotlandNottingham, Swindon311714  14/03/197828/04/1979

Comments to the table:
NL = National League (top divisions) 
NC = National Cup
LC = League Cup
NS = National Super Cup
CL = Champions’ League (including European Cup era)
US = UEFA Super Cup