Messi: 500 national league goals! 

Lionel Messi has scored his 500th goal in national leagues. He reached this mark in the MLS game for Inter Miami vs Orlando City (5-0).
Relating to this, we publish an updated historical world ranking of the top goal-scorers in the national leagues. 
Only top divisions are taken into account; unofficial championships not considered.

 PlayerNationalityPeriodGoalsBreakdown by leagues
1Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2002-534Portugal 3, England 103, Spain 311, Italy 81, Saudi Arabia 36
2Ferenc PuskásHungary, Spain1943-1966516Hungary 359, Spain 156
3Josef BicanAustria, CS, BM1931-1955515Austria 71, Czechoslovakia & Bohemia-Moravia 444
4Lionel Messi Argentina 2004-500Spain 474, France 22, USA (MLS) 4
5Gyula ZsengellérHungary1935-1952415Hungary 386, Italy 6, Colombia 23
6Jimmy McGroryScotland1923-1937407Scotland 407
7Gerd MüllerGermany1964-1981405Germany 365, USA (NASL) 40