The players of the 34th edition


Before the start of the quarter-finals, from which the North African teams will be absent for the third time and after 11 years, while the teams of Ivory Coast and Nigeria will participate for the 11th time in the quarter-finals, equaling the record .

It is good to review some figures and statistics on player participation in the 44 matches played so far:

The matches of the current edition saw the participation of 501 players

This is the second highest number of players participating in a single edition before the quarter-finals, after the last edition in Cameroon (508 players before the quarter-finals).

Among them, 486 players participated in the group stage matches.

Among them, 259 players participated for the first time in a CAN.

Among them, 44 players have participated in more than three editions.

And the trio remains:

The Ghanaian André AYEW, the Tunisian Youssef MSAKNI for the eighth time, and the Ivorian Max-Alain GRADEL for the seventh time.

The most present in the final stages among the participating players.

As for the players most present during the African Cup of Nations matches, they are:

The Ghanaian André AYEW with 36 matches, which equals the record of the Cameroonian SONG in number of matches.

And the Tunisian Youssef MSAKNI, with 29 matches

Among the 501 players who participated in the matches of the current edition, we find 14 players who played the four full matches, plus overtime (390 minutes), and 8 players whose presence was limited to stoppage time in a match .

The teams that counted on the largest number of players are Guinea Bissau (24 players), Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Mauritania (23).

The teams least dependent on players are the teams of Tanzania (17 players) and South Africa and Zambia (18).

As for the oldest teams on average age, they are:

Egypt (29 years and 1 month), Namibia (29 years) and Cape Verde (28 years and 8 months)

The youngest in terms of average age remain:

Equatorial Guinea (25 years and 4 months), Burkina Faso (25 years and 11 months) and Mali (26 years and 2 months)

The 501 players play in 62 countries, including 339 players in Europe (81 in France, 44 in England, 31 in Turkey, 26 in Spain, etc.), 114 players in Africa (27 in South Africa, 24 in Egypt, etc.). .) and 45 players in the rest of the world. 3 players without a team

38 players wore the captain's armband as starters, including 3 goalkeepers and 8 players wearing number 8

The oldest of them is the Mozambican DOMINGUES on the day of the meeting between his country's team and the Egyptian team, at the age of 40 years and 62 days.

The youngest of them is the Mauritanian Aly ABEID on the day of his country's team's match against the Burkina Faso team, at the age of 26 years and 36 days.

4 players entered the game during four matches: MOUMBAGNA from Cameroon, NLAVO ASUE from Equatorial Guinea, LEPASA from South Africa and JACKSON from Senegal.

Oldest players:

The Mozambican DOMINGUES, born on November 13, 1983, at the age of 40 years and 70 days, is ranked second among all players participating in matches since 1957.

Then the goalkeeper of the Cape Verde team, VOZINHA, the Mozambican MEXER, the Moroccan Yunis ABDELHAMID, and the Ivorian GRADEL, all over 36 years old.

Youngest players:

Equatorial Guinea striker ONVA ADJUGU, born November 23, 2005 at the age of 18 years and 52 days.

Then CONTE from Guinea, BUYLA from Equatorial Guinea, CISSE from Guinea and MINTEH from Gambia, all under 19 and a half years old.


Among the 501 players registered for the matches of the 34th edition

There are 115 players who received cards (warning or expulsion), including 9 players who were excluded.