Goals and details


Before the start of the second round matches, which will see the participation of Mauritania and Namibia for the first time, while the teams of Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Guinea, Mali, Egypt and Nigeria will register their presence in the round of 16 for the third consecutive edition.

It's good to review some goal scoring numbers and statistics from the 36 matches played so far:

These matches saw 89 goals scored, the highest total known in the first round of the African Cup of Nations for 16 years (91 goals were scored in 2008 in Ghana during 24 group stage matches).

Of these, 22 goals were scored in Group B, the group which saw the most goals scored, while Group E remained the least prolific, with 9 goals.

Equatorial Guinea tops the table in terms of number of goals (9), while Namibia, Tanzania and Tunisia occupy the bottom of the table with one goal.

The goals in the first round were scored by 73 players, including 3 players who scored by error C.S.C.

Sekou FOFANA scored the opening goal, it was the second fastest opening goal in the history of the competition, and became the third Ivorian player to score a debut goal in the Africa Cup of Nations.

The top scorer is Emilio NSUE, the striker of the Equatorial Guinea team, who became the oldest player to score 5 goals in an edition and the oldest player to score a hat-trick in an African Cup of Nations match.

His compatriot Hugo BUYLA recorded his name as the youngest player in the Equatorial Guinea team to be able to score in the final phase and as the youngest scorer in the current edition.

As for Themba ZWANE, he became the oldest player in the South Africa team to score in the African Cup of Nations and the oldest scorer in the current edition.

For his part, the Egyptian Mostafa Mohamed, number 19, scored with his right foot the fastest goal of the current edition, one minute and 29 seconds after the start of the match between his country's team and its counterpart Mozambican.

As for the “slowest” goal of the current edition, it was also scored with the right foot of the player wearing the Cape Verdean number 19, Bryan TEIXEIRA, in the 90th + 9 minute of the match between the selection of his country and his counterpart Egyptian.

The goals of the 34th edition were distributed as follows:

67 goals for active players in the European Championships this season, including 17 goals for French L1 players.

11 goals for active players in Asian championships

10 goals for active players in African leagues

1 goal for an active player in the USA

The 36 matches in the first round of the 34th edition of the CAN recorded a hat-trick and 7 doubles.

And 9 goals scored from penalties and 18 goals from set plays.

The goals for the 2024 final phase were scored:

Right footed, 47 goals

Left footed, 27 goals

Header, 15 goals

And also 8 goals from shots outside the penalty area

And 20 goals in the goal area and 61 goals in the remaining penalty area.

As time went on, the first half saw 33 goals scored, including 9 goals in the first quarter of an hour and 3 goals in stoppage time.

The second half saw 56 goals scored, including 17 goals in the first quarter of an hour and 12 goals in added time.




Nigeria is 4th


The Nigerian team achieved their second victory against the Guinea-Bissau team in the second meeting between the two teams in the final phase.

The result (1-0) was recorded for the 170th time in the history of the competition.

This is the 55th victory for the Nigerian team and for the 21st time with a score of (1-0), as the second team with the most victories in the CAN, after the Egyptian team.

While the Guinea-Bissau team suffered its ninth defeat and the second with the same result in its 12 matches without a win played in the final phase.

The Nigerian team thus advanced beyond the group stage for the 17th time.

While the Guinea-Bissau team experienced its worst participation (3 defeats) out of a total of four appearances at the African Cup of Nations.

Today's match is the 100th for the Nigerian team in the competition.

Note that the Nigerian national team faced the Egyptian national team in its first match of the African Cup of Nations, in the fourth edition hosted by Ghana in 1963, and was beaten that day on the score of (3-6).

The Nigerian team became the fourth team to reach 100 matches in the history of the competition, after teams from Egypt, Ghana and Ivory Coast.


The first Arab referee


The match between the Nigeria team and the Guinea-Bissau team is the 66th in the history of the finals to end with a goal scored in the first half.

The match took place at a landmark moment in the history of the African Cup of Nations.

Moroccan Bouchra Karboubi wrote her name as the first female Arab referee to officiate a finals match.

Bouchra, who was born in May 1987, was present as the fourth referee during the first round match between the Senegal and Gambia teams.

And as a VAR referee in the last edition in Cameroon.

Karboubi became the second African female referee to officiate an African Cup of Nations match, after Rwandan Salima MUKANSANGA, who refereed the match between Zimbabwe and Guinea (2-1) in January 2022 for the 33rd edition organized by Cameroon.


222 Draws


The two matches of the third and final day of Group B ended in two draws.

The first took place between Ghana and Mozambique, and the second between Egypt and Cape Verde, with the same result.

This brings the total number of draws in the history of the competition to 222 matches

Including 37 times with a score of (2-2)

The current edition or the most repeated result with a total of 5 times, including 3 times for the Egyptian team, as the first team to repeat the result (2-2) in three matches in a single edition.

In a first in the history of the competition, Libyan referee Moataz Ibrahim Al-Shalmani awarded three penalties during the match between Ghana and Mozambique, bringing the total to 11 shots on goal, of which 9 were successful (5 with right and 4 of the left foot) in the current edition.

Yesterday's match saw the participation of André AYEW as a substitute in the second half, which is his second match in the current edition (73 minutes played).

André brings his total to 36 matches in 8 final stages

He joins Cameroonian Rigobert SONG at the top of the list of players who participated the most in the final phase matches.

AYEW became the first Ghanaian player to score more than 16 years between his first and last match at the Africa Cup of Nations.

With 16 years and 5 days difference, André AYEW ranks fourth in the ranking of all players in the competition since 1957.



30 losses for the host team


The Equatorial Guinea team won its biggest victory in 18 matches at the African Cup of Nations by beating the Ivory Coast national team yesterday with a score of (4-0).

The host team suffered its heaviest defeat in 102 matches played in the final

The Ivory Coast team suffered its biggest home defeat in 53 years (May 1971, 2-6 defeat against the Ghana team in a friendly match).

This is the second “quadruple” of the Equatorial Guinea team in the current edition (the first at the expense of the Guinea-Bissau team), bringing its score to 9 goals in three matches, the best total among all teams participating in CAN 2024.

With seven points, he ranks first in his group for the first time in a total of four appearances in the final stages.

The Ivory Coast team suffered the heaviest defeat for a team from a host country in the final tournament, out of a total of 30 defeats for a host team in the history of the competition, including four defeats for the Ivory Coast (two defeats in 1984 and two defeats in the current edition).

Note that the first defeat of a host team took place in the first contested match of the African Cup of Nations, when the Egyptian team defeated the Sudanese team on February 10, 1957, with a score of (2 -1) during the first edition held in Sudan.


First victory and first qualification


The Mauritanian team won its first victory against the Algerian team in the fourth match between the two teams and the first of the African Cup of Nations.

This is the first victory for the Mauritanian team in a total of nine matches played in three consecutive editions.

Unlike the 28th and eighth defeats with a score of (0-1) in 80 matches played by the Algerian team for the African Cup of Nations in 20 editions.

Mohamed DELLAHI YALI, captain of the Mauritanian team, scored the goal in the 37th minute with his right foot in the right camp, thus scoring his third goal for his country and the first in 8 matches he played in the final stages .

Mohamed joins his compatriot Aly ABEID, absent from yesterday's match, as the Mauritanian player having participated in the most matches at the Africa Cup of Nations.

DELLAHI YALI contributed to a historic second round qualification, the Mauritanian team's first in the competition.

Meanwhile, the Algerian team's problems continued in the finals, as they failed to advance past the first round for the second consecutive edition.