The Italian SERIE A is the best league in the world for the 12th time in the history of the annual ranking of the IFFHS launched since 1991.

The English PREMIER LEAGUE is second for the sixth time in 7 years (1st in 2019). The Spanish LIGA maintains a place on the podium for two consecutive years as the Brazilian SERIE A falls to fourth place ahead of the German BUNDESLIGA and the French LEAGUE 1, the Portuguese PRIMEIRA LIGA 7th and ahead of the Dutch EREDIVISIE and the Belgian FIRST DIVISION A.

Finally, the Argentine LIGA PROFESIONAL closes the TOP 10. 

In Europe, the Italian SERIE A regains first place after 2020, the English PREMIER LEAGUE loses its leadership after two years of reign while the Spanish LIGA is third for four consecutive years and ahead of the German BUNDESLIGA. Finally the French LEAGUE 1 closes the TOP 5 like last year. 

In the CONMEBOL zone, the Brazilian SERIE A is the best since 2017. Argentina's LIGA PROFESIONAL is second for three consecutive years, ahead of Colombian PRIMERA A . Paraguay's PROFESIONAL DIVISION loses one place, while the LIGA PRO of Ecuador has retained a place in the TOP 5 since 2014.

In Africa, the Egyptian PREMIER LEAGUE kept a place in the World's Top 20 since 2020 and maintained his leadership for 4 consecutive years before BOTOLA of Morocco (in the African Top 3 since 2018) and the Algerian League A.

The K LEAGUE CLASSIC of the Republic of Korea has been the best league in Asia since 2011, but only 4 points ahead of the ROSHN SAUDI LEAGUE of Saudi Arabia, which is coming back to the Top before J1 LEAGUE of Japan.

In the CONCACAF zone, the Mexican LIGA MX is still the best league in front of the PRIMERA DIVISION of Costa Rica, which retains a place in the Top 3, while the US MLS returns to the podium after 5 years absence.

In Oceania, New Zealand's PREMIERSHIP is the leader for 4 consecutive years ahead of LEAGUE 1 of Tahiti and the TELEKOM S-LEAGUE of Solomon Islands.


Top 20: UEFA 14, CONMEBOL 5, CAF 1







Top 50: UEFA 34, CONMEBOL 10, AFC 3, CAF 3










UEFA TOP 5:  Italy - England - Spain - Germany - France 


CONMEBOL TOP 5:  Brazil - Argentina - Colombia - Paraguay - Ecuador 

CAF TOP 5:  Egypt - Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia - South Africa 


AFC TOP 5:  Korea Republic - Saudi Arabia - Japan - Uzbekistan - Iran

CONCACAF TOP 5:  Mexico - Costa Rica - USA - Honduras - Nicaragua

OCEANIA TOP 5:  New Zealand - Tahiti - Solomon Islands - Fiji - New Caledonia 


  The Strongest National League in the World 2023 
  Le Meilleur Championnat National du Monde 2023 
  La Mejor Liga de Fútbol del Mundo 2023  
  Die Stärkste Liga der Welt 2023  
  2023 افضل دوري في العالم  
   Top 100 (1st January 2023 – 31st December 2023) 
 Place2022 ConfederationPoints
 15Italy   UEFA1619,5
 22England   UEFA1567
 33Spain   UEFA1447
 41Brazil   CONMEBOL1290,5
 54Germany   UEFA1282,75
 66France   UEFA1143,25
 77Portugal   UEFA1097
 88Netherlands   UEFA1049,75
 914Belgium   UEFA1004,75
 109Argentina   CONMEBOL966,5
 1112Colombia   CONMEBOL877,5
 1215Turkey   UEFA838,25
 1310Paraguay   CONMEBOL802
 1422Czech Republic   UEFA784,25
 1525Greece   UEFA762,75
 1621Scotland   UEFA691,75
 1711Ecuador   CONMEBOL675,5
 1819Roumania   UEFA668,5
 1927Denmark   UEFA657,25
 2013Egypt   CAF633,5
 2123Israel   UEFA622,75
 2229Croatia   UEFA620
 2328Austria   UEFA612,75
 2473Ukraine   UEFA609,25
 2517Serbia   UEFA608
 2645Poland   UEFA561,25
 2716Uruguay   CONMEBOL551
 2824Morocco   CAF540,5
 2949Switzerland   UEFA508,75
 3047Bulgaria   UEFA498,5
 3118Korea Republic   AFC484,5
 3238Cyprus   UEFA482
 3340Saudi Arabia   AFC479,5
 3435Peru   CONMEBOL472,5
 3532Norway   UEFA472,5
 3626Mexico   CONCACAF470
 3734Chile   CONMEBOL464
 3850Northern Ireland   UEFA445,5
 3930Japan   AFC438,5
 4041Azerbaijan   UEFA429,75
 4166Albania   UEFA410,5
 4261Slovenia   UEFA408,75
 4356Kosovo   UEFA402,75
 4420Algeria   CAF390,5
 4555Armenia   UEFA388
 4646Latvia   UEFA386,25
 4762Slovakia   UEFA383,5
 4854Hungary   UEFA382,75
 4953Republic of Ireland   UEFA381
 5037Costa Rica   CONCACAF376,5
 5171Bosnia and Herzegovina   UEFA374,5
 5268Tunisia   CAF373,75
 5365Georgia   UEFA372,25
 5444Sweden   UEFA368,5
 5551Lithuania   UEFA361,75
 5669Faroe Islands   UEFA353
 5758Estonia   UEFA350,25
 5878Belarus   UEFA348,5
 5980Russia   UEFA345,5
 6075North Macedonia   UEFA337,25
 6131Bolivia   CONMEBOL332
 6252South Africa   CAF331,25
 6343USA   CONCACAF319,5
 6439Tanzania   CAF309
 6576Finland   UEFA302,5
 6647Venezuela   CONMEBOL281
 6757Uzbekistan   AFC280,5
 6863Iran   AFC268,5
 6969Moldova   UEFA262,5
 7064United Arab Emirates    AFC260
 7136Honduras   CONCACAF254,5
 7259Nicaragua   CONCACAF252,5
 7377Nigeria   CAF249,25
 7474China   AFC246,5
 7567Qatar   AFC244,5
 7671Thailand   AFC241,5
 7742Guatemala   CONCACAF229,5
 7860Angola   CAF221,5
 7992Luxemburg   UEFA205,25
 8095Iraq   AFC205
 8179Zambia   CAF203,25
 82132Kazakhstan   UEFA197,75
 8390Iceland   UEFA193,25
 84104Montenegro   UEFA186,25
 85108San Marino   UEFA181,25
 8685Côte d'Ivoire   CAF181
 8784Malaysia   AFC176
 8881Congo DR   CAF175
 8996Wales   UEFA174,25
 9087Australia   AFC168
 91115Ghana   CAF152,5
 92105Jamaica   CONCACAF151,5
 9388Malta   UEFA151,25
 9489Indonesia   AFC148,75
 9598Mali   CAF144,25
 96112Andorra   UEFA139
 9733Sudan   CAF135
 98110Turkmenistan   AFC128
 99120Kuwait   AFC128
 100103Botswana   CAF125,5