Lukaku: two long-term super-streaks are over  

Romelu Lukaku has ended in November, in space of just few days, two outstanding goal-scoring streaks, each spanning many years.
We have already mentioned one of them: 14 scoring matches in a row in the Europa League (a historical record not only for this tournament, but for any international club tournament in the world).
Another series concerned penalty kicks scored consecutively. Over more than 6 years, Lukaku has scored 26 attempts in a row in top-level games.
This series began after a miss committed in the English Premier League match for Manchester United against Leicester (2-0) on 26 August 2017.
Lukaku then scored all 19 penalties taken during his Inter spell, as well as 6 for Belgium and 1 for Chelsea.
The streak ended on 5 November this year with a miss in the Serie A match for Roma against Lecce (2-1). Curiously, it was the very first penalty that he undertook as a Roma player.
Lukaku's series is not a record, but still one of the best in XXI century, and therefore deserves to be mentioned, too.
After it came to an end, the longest active streak belongs to Santi Cazorla - the same length, 26 attempts in top football. Now the 38-year-old Cazorla plays in the Spanish 2nd division, whose matches are not included in our consideration. Theoretically, Cazorla can now replenish (or close) his streak only in the Copa del Rey.

131/08/2017BelgiumGibraltar 9-0WCQ
201/09/2019InterCagliari 2-1NL
320/10/2019InterSassuolo 4-3NL
402/11/2019InterBologna 2-1NL
502/02/2020InterUdinese 2-0NL
620/02/2020InterLudogorets 2-0EL
724/06/2020InterSassuolo 3-3NL
819/07/2020InterRoma 2-2NL
921/08/2020InterSevilla 2-3EL
1011/10/2020BelgiumEngland 1-2UNL
1114/10/2020BelgiumIceland 2-1UNL
1222/11/2020InterTorino 4-2NL
1316/12/2020InterNapoli 1-0NL
1420/12/2020InterSpezia 2-1NL
1526/01/2021InterMilan 2-1NC
1614/02/2021InterLazio 3-1NL
1714/03/2021InterTorino 2-1NL
1824/03/2021BelgiumWales 3-1WCQ
1915/05/2021InterJuventus 2-3NL
2002/07/2021BelgiumItaly 1-2Euro
2107/05/2022ChelseaWolverhampton 2-2NL
2218/02/2023InterUdinese 3-1NL
2310/03/2023InterSpezia 1-2NL
2404/04/2023InterJuventus 1-1NC
2511/04/2023InterBenfica 2-0CL
2616/10/2023BelgiumSweden 1-1Euro Q