The roles of a national coach and a club coach are very different and their interests often contrary. For this reason the IFFHS has carried out separate annual World votings from the start. The experience of 25 years has shown that this is the most appropriate approach. However it is not unusual for the  best club coaches to become national coaches. And not rare a coach takes over after his job as national coach again the function of a club coach. So it is logically for the purposes of an IFFHS ALL TIME World Ranking to unite the two categories of coaches. (The List of the winners of the categories THE WORLD’S BEST NATIONAL COACH and THE WORLD’S BEST CLUB COACH is published in the column GALA AWARDS.)

The IFFHS has devised an equitable method for determining the ranking of THE ALL TIME WORLD’S BEST COACH. The IFFHS has taken in consideration the TOP 20 of each yearly ranking of each category concerned ( Top 20 of BEST NATIONAL COACH and Top 20 of BEST CLUB COACH) and allocated points to each place. So the first placed received 20 points, the second placed 19 points, the third placed 18 points …. And 1 point for the twentieth place. If the annual ranking comprised fewer than 20, no point will be awarded for the unoccupied places . Adding the points from the individual years of each category provides an IFFHS ALL TIME WORLD’S BEST COACH Ranking from 1996 to 2022.



Sir Alex Ferguson is the sovereign leader of the IFFHS All Time World’s Best Coach Ranking after 27 years (1996-2022). Ferguson has coached 39 years long from 1974 to 2013,  exactly 2 153 games on the bench ! 26 years as Manchester United’s manager made him to the most successfull coach in the History !

With 257 points, he leads the ranking before Portuguese José Mourinho  (242) and Josep Guardiola, the Spanish football Genius. Diego Simeone (8th) is the first non-european in the Top 10 and  also the leader of Argentina’s great Coach School with 9 Argentine coaches in the Top 50 !  After Argentina, Spain and Italy (7 each), Germany (6), Brazil and France (5) are the most represented countries in the Top 50.

The Top 50 is composed of 34 coaches from UEFA, 15 from CONMEBOL and 1 from CONCACAF . 25 of them are always active, especially in the Top 10, José Mourinho, Josep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Simeone, the coaches able to take the leadership of the ranking in the next years !


THE RANKING 1996-2022

1Sir Alex FERGUSONScotland257
2José MOURINHOPortugal242
3Josep GUARDIOLASpain221
4Arsène WENGERFrance211
5Joachim LÖWGermany200
6Carlo ANCELOTTIItaly189
7Vicente DEL BOSQUESpain175
8Diego SIMEONEArgentina168
9Marcelo LIPPIItaly156
10Didier DESCHAMPSFrance164
11Luiz Felipe SCOLARIBrazil151
12Guus HIDDINKNetherlands145
13Marcelo BIELSAArgentina145
14Otmar HITZFELDGermany134
15Jürgen KLOPPGermany127
16Sven Goran ERIKSSONSweden126
17Fabio CAPELLOItaly120
17Adenor Bachi "TITE"Brazil120
19Franklin RIJKAARDNetherlands104
20José PEKERMANArgentina104
21Unay EMERISpain101
22Rafael BENITEZSpain97
23Roberto MANCINIItaly95
24Louis VAN GAALNetherlands94
25Oscar TABAREZUruguay90
26Massimiliano ALLEGRIItaly77
27Karel BRUCKNERCzech Republic76
28Carlos BIANCHIArgentina75
29Giovanni TRAPATTONIItaly75
30Fernando SANTOSPortugal74
31Roberto MARTINEZSpain70
32Carlos Alberto PARREIRABrazil65
33Hector CUPERArgentina63
33Otto REHHAGELGermany63
35Carlos Veri "DUNGA"Brazil62
36Josef HEYNCKESGermany61
36Alejandro SABELLAArgentina61
38Zinedine ZIDANEFrance59
39Maurizio POCHETTINOArgentina56
39Marcelo GALLARDOArgentina56
39Roger LEMERREFrance56
42Ramon DIAZArgentina55
43José CAMACHOSpain54
44Antonio CONTEItaly53
44Luis ENRIQUESpain53
46Gerard HOULLIERFrance50
46Wanderley LUXEMBURGOBrazil50
48Bruce ARENAUSA49
48Dirk ADVOCAATNetherlands49
50Felix MAGATHGermany48