Picture : 1972 was the Record year for Godfrey Chitalu !

How Godfrey Chitalu came to his historical record in 1972: game by game

Continuing the theme of Godfrey Chitalu's outstanding record of 109 goals in a calendar year, here is the complete list of his matches and goals in his glorious 1972.
Not only the number of goals is admirable, but also the number of hat-tricks - 18 for a year!
In 9 matches Chitalu scored 3 goals, in 6 matches - 4 goals, in 2 matches - 5 goals, plus 6 and 7 goals on one occasion each.
The full data on the Chitalu’s record came to light through careful research of Zambian historian Jerry Muchimba.

Game №DateTeamRivalScoreTournamentGoals
123/01/1972Kabwe WarriorsMajantja (Lesotho)2-2ACCC2
206/02/1972Kabwe WarriorsMajantja (Lesotho)9-0ACCC7
327/02/1972Kabwe WarriorsKitwe United1-0Charity Shield1
405/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Police5-2League2
511/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Army1-1League 
619/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsSaint Michel (Madagascar)2-1ACCC1
725/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsRhokana United2-6League 
826/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsBlackpool2-3League 
931/03/1972Kabwe WarriorsNorco Rangers14-2Chibuku Cup3
1002/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsLusaka Tigers4-0League1
1109/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsSaint Michel (Madagascar)3-0ACCC1
1215/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsRothmans10-0Challenge Cup3
1316/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsNchanga Rangers2-1League2
1422/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Air Force12-2Castle Cup3
1523/04/1972Kabwe WarriorsCity of Lusaka3-0League1
1721/05/1972Kabwe WarriorsButondo Western Tigers 3-2League2
1822/05/1972Kabwe WarriorsNdola United3-1League2
1928/05/1972Kabwe WarriorsKalulushi Modern Stars12-3League6
2110/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsKalulushi Modern Stars7-3Challenge Cup2
2211/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsRhokana United5-3Castle Cup2
2317/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsButondo Western Tigers 6-1Chibuku Cup3
2418/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Police6-1League4
2525/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsMufulira Wanderers3-2Castle Cup2
2628/06/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Army3-4League 
2702/07/1972Kabwe WarriorsRhokana United1-4League1
2817/07/1972Kabwe WarriorsLusaka Tigers6-1League3
2922/07/1972Kabwe WarriorsButondo Western Tigers 10-0Challenge Cup2
3023/07/1972Kabwe WarriorsButondo Western Tigers 5-0League4
3130/07/1972Kabwe WarriorsNchanga Rangers1-1League1
3205/08/1972Kabwe WarriorsBuseko10-2Chibuku Cup5
3306/08/1972Kabwe WarriorsZambia Eagles3-0Challenge Cup1
3412/08/1972Kabwe WarriorsMufulira Wanderers5-1League4
3520/08/1972Kabwe WarriorsRoan United6-1Castle Cup5
3627/08/1972Kabwe WarriorsNdola United2-2League1
3703/09/1972Kabwe WarriorsNdola United3-1Challenge Cup2
3810/09/1972Kabwe WarriorsRoan United3-2Chibuku Cup1
3917/09/1972Kabwe WarriorsRhokana United5-3Chibuku Cup4
4001/10/1972Kabwe WarriorsHearts of Oak (Ghana)2-7ACCC1
4115/10/1972Kabwe WarriorsHearts of Oak (Ghana)1-2ACCC1
4228/10/1972Kabwe WarriorsRoan United4-1League3
4329/10/1972Kabwe WarriorsMufulira Wanderers7-1League3
4405/11/1972Kabwe WarriorsKitwe United6-1Castle Cup3
4511/11/1972Kabwe WarriorsKitwe United1-1League 
4612/11/1972Kabwe WarriorsCity of Lusaka9-2League4
4718/11/1972Kabwe WarriorsKalulushi Modern Stars4-2League3
4826/11/1972Kabwe WarriorsKitwe United4-0League2
4903/12/1972Midlands XICopperbelt XI2-5NFL Trophy1
5010/12/1972Midlands XICopperbelt XI5-3NFL Trophy2

ACCC = African Cup of Champions Clubs 
WCQ = World Cup Qualifier