Picture : a new Record for Lionel Messi

Messi’s first penta-trick for Argentina!

*Another great feat from Lionel Messi: 5 goals scored in one game (a friendly Argentina vs Estonia 5-0)! He equaled his personal record and made the 2nd penta-trick in his career, after scoring 5 for Barcelona vs Bayer Leverkusen on 7 March 2012 in the game Champions League round of 16 (7-1 win).
Cristiano Ronaldo also has 2 penta-tricks in his career.

*This is 8th hat-trick of Messi for national team (in all 7 previous cases he scored 3 goals) and 56th overall in the career. In both these categories, he concedes to Cristiano Ronaldo (10 and 60 respectively).

*Five out of eight Messi’s national team hat-tricks occurred in the friendlies. For comparison, Cristiano Ronaldo scored all his 10 hat-tricks in competitive games.

*Messi has raised his tally for Argentina from 81 to 86 goals cruising past Ferenc Puskás (84) in the historical ranking. Now Messi is 4th best national team goal-scorer, after Cristiano Ronaldo (117), Ali Daei (109) and Mokhtar Dahari (89).

*Messi equaled the record of Argentina national team on goals scored by player in a game. He is the third in its history to make a penta-trick, after Juan Andrés Marvezzi and José Manuel Moreno.
In the all cases the name of opposition started from E (Ecuador, Estonia).

1Switzerland 3-129/02/2012Friendly3
2Brazil 4-309/06/2012Friendly3
3Guatemala 4-015/06/2013Friendly3
4Panama 5-011/06/2016Copa America3
5Ecuador 3-111/10/2017World Cup Qualifier3
6Haiti 4-030/05/2018Friendly3
7Bolivia 3-010/09/2021World Cup Qualifier3
8Estonia 5-005/06/2022Friendly5

 Juan Andrés Marvezzi 516/02/1941Ecuador 6-1Copa América
 José Manuel Moreno 522/01/1942Ecuador 12-0Copa América
 Lionel Messi505/06/2022Estonia 5-0Friendly