Picture : Julian Alvarez scored six goals in one game ! Record in the River Plate History !

Julián Álvarez beat River Plate one-match goal-scoring record!

Julián Álvarez became the first player in the history of River Plate to score 6 goals in a competitive game. He achieved this feat in the Copa Libertadores game vs Alianza Lima (8-1) on 25 May. 
Remarkably, he did it on just the same day when the club celebrated its 121st anniversary! 
The 22-year old forward surpassed the previous record of 5 goals that belonged to Luis María Rongo (1939), Leopoldo Luque (1976) and Ignacio Scocco (2017).
Álvarez was recently purchased by Manchester City but continues to play so far for River Plate where he has scored 51 goals for 115 official games in total.
At the same time, he equaled the Copa Libertadores all-time one-match goal-scoring record set by another Argentine Juan Carlos Sánchez in 1985.

 Julián Álvarez 625.05.2022Alianza (Peru) 8-1CL
 Luis María Rongo 523/04/1939Ferro Carril Oeste 8-0 NL
 Leopoldo Luque 522/02/1976San Lorenzo 5-1 NL
 Ignacio Scocco 521/09/2017Jorge Wilstermann (Bolivia) 8-0 CL
 Jorge Fernández 429/06/1910Quilmes 7-2 NL
 Francisco Taggino 422/07/1917Tigre 5-0NC
 Bernabé Ferreyra 423/10/1932Atlanta 5-3 NL
 Bernabé Ferreyra 419/03/1933San Lorenzo 7-1 NL
 José Manuel Moreno 417/05/1936Argentinos Junior 5-0 NL
 Bernabé Ferreyra 407/11/1937Talleres RE 6-1 NL
 José Manuel Moreno 411/05/1938Estudiantes La Plata 8-1 NL
 Luis María Rongo 430/10/1938Atlanta 5-1 NL
 José Manuel Moreno 430/04/1939Tigre 5-1 NL
 Roberto D’Alessandro 426/11/1939Lanús 5-1 NL
 Roberto D’Alessandro 408/12/1940Chacarita 7-0 NL
 Ángel Labruna 404/06/1944Racing Club 5-1 NL
 Ángel Labruna 424/11/1946Atlanta 6-1 NL
 Santiago Vernazza 425/11/1951Atlanta 6-1 NL
 Eliseo Prado 425/10/1953Platense 6-2 NL
 Walter Gómez 404/04/1954Lanús 5-2 NL
 Ermindo Onega 416/04/1961Lanús 5-2 NL
 Luis Artime 404/08/1963Argentinos Juniors 5-0 NL
 Oscar Más 405/10/1969Desamparados San Juan 7-0 NL
 Oscar Más 411/03/1970Universitario (Bolivia) 9-0 CL
 Carlos Morete 424/03/1974Banfield 5-2 NL
 Norberto Alonso 414/04/1978Chacarita 4-1 NL
 Ariel Ortega 420/02/2002Unión Santa Fe 6-0 NL
 Fernando Cavenaghi 405/11/2011Gimnasia Jujuy 4-1 NL (D2)
 Fernando Cavenaghi 418/07/2015Atlético Rafaela 5-1 NL
 Rafael Santos Borré 420/03/2021Godoy Cruz Mendoza  6-1 LC
 Julián Álvarez 407/11/2021Patronato Paraná 5-0 NL

NL – National League, NC – National Cup, LC – League Cup, CL – Copa Libertadores