Robert Lewandowski: 300 goals in Bundesliga!

Robert Lewandowski has reached the milestone of 300 goals in the German Bundesliga. The 300th was the last of his three goals scored against Köln (4:0) on January 15.
The Polish striker scored 74 goals for Borussia Dortmund (2010-2014) and 226 for Bayern Munich (since 2014). In total, he has played 369 matches in the Bundesliga.
RL9 became the second Bundesliga player since its foundation in 1963 to reach this mark. The first was Gerd Müller, who scored 365 goals for Bayern between 1964 and 1979.
In recent time, we have seen Lewandowski consistently take away Müller’s records. This record is still held by Müller, but the Pole may well take possession of it if he stays in Bayern for a couple more seasons.
Lewandowski entered the all-time global ranking of players who scored 300+ goals in a single league.
There are only 3 active players in this ranking. One of them, Lionel Messi, leads it with 474 goals scored in the Spanish league. If he had stayed at Barcelona we would probably be celebrating him this season as the first player in history to reach 500 goals in one league. However, he will possibly yet return in the future to the league in which he was much happier and more prolific compared to the one where he plays now.

Cristiano Ronaldo occupies a modest 31st place in the ranking with 311 goals scored in the same La Liga. For him, spreading his goals across different leagues, this is simply not the category where he can feel like a king. However, there are enough records for him anyway.
Unlike them both, Lewandowski continues to play in the league where he established his achievement. Now he occupies the last, 40th place in the ranking. But there is no doubt that already before the end of this season, he will rise significantly.

1Lionel MessiSpain4742004-2021520
2PeléLiga Paulista (Brazil)4681957-1974 412
3Josef BicanCzechoslovakia 4471937-1955 274
4Imre SchlosserHungary4111905-1928 301
5Jimmy McGroryScotland 4081922-1938 408
6Ferenc SzuszaHungary3931940-1961 462
7Gyula ZsengellérHungary3871935-1947325
8Albert De CleynBelgium3771932-1955488
9Gerd MüllerGermany3651965-1979 427
10Arthur FriedenreichLiga Paulista (Brazil)3601910-1934323
11József TakácsHungary3601920-1940355
12Ferenc PuskásHungary3571943-1956354
13Jimmy GreavesEngland3571957-1971516
14György SárosiHungary3511930-1948 383
15Víctor Hugo AnteloBolivia 3501983-2001 443
16Jef MermansBelgium3431941-1957 384
17Fernando PeyroteoPortugal  3321937-1949 197
18Jimmy JonesNorthern Ireland 3321947-1964285
19Robert DienstAustria3231943-1962351
20Aleksandar ĐurićSingapore 3211999-2014 439
21Eusébio Portugal  3201961-1976 313
22Hans KranklAustria3201971-1988427
23Fernando GomesPortugal  3191974-1991 404
24Marc Lloyd WilliamsWales 3191992-2011 467
25Silvio PiolaItaly3171929-1954 589
26Steve BloomerEngland3151892-1914536
27Joe BambrickNorthern Ireland 3141926-1934 205
28Gyula SzilágyiHungary3131943-1960390
29Glenn FergusonNorthern Ireland 3131987-2011 644
30CabinhoMéxico3121974-1987 427
31Cristiano RonaldoSpain3112009-2018292
32Willy van der Kuijlen Netherlands3111964-1982 545
33Dixie DeanEngland3101924-1938362
34Ottmar WalterOberliga Südwest (Germany)3071946-1959275
35Ferenc DeákHungary3051944-1954 238
36Robert McPhailScotland 3051923-1939 463
37Maksim GruznovEstonia3041992-2012494
38Ferenc BeneHungary3031961-1978 417
39Juan Carlos PlataGuatemala3021990-2010 571
40Robert LewandowskiGermany3002010-369