Picture : Rogerio Ceni, the World's Best Scoring Goalkeeper !

The IFFHS ranking for World’s Highest Scoring Goalkeepers of XXI Century at Jan 1, 2022

The legendary Brazilian Rogério Ceni dominates the category of highest scoring goalkeepers in XXI century with 112 goals scored since January 1, 2001 until finishing his career in 2015. His position will clearly be unrivalled for many years yet.
Among the currently active goalies, Cristian Lucchetti (Argentina) has the best tally but it is too modest for Rogério Ceni standards: only 19 goals. Besides, Lucchetti is already 43-year old (he was the 2nd oldest top-division player in the world in 2021).
In total, 18 goalkeepers have currently scored 10 and more goals in the top world football in XXI century. They are gathered in the table below. Only 4 of them are still active (marked bold in the table). All four are pretty aged (37 and older). 
Sebastián Viera (Uruguay) playing for Atlético Junior in Colombian league, has reached 10-goal mark in 2021.
In brackets, goals scored in XX century (in particular, Rogério Ceni has scored further 17 goals in XX, so his general tally over the career makes 129 goals).

 GoalkeeperCountryGoals   TotalTotalTotal
1Rogério CeniBrazil88 (+15)7 (+1)17 (+1) 11217129
2Johnny Vegas Peru36 (+4) 1 37441
3Vincent EnyeamaNigeria1824 24 24
4Álvaro Misael AlfaroEl Salvador21 (+10)   211031
5Sebastián SajaArgentina 19 1 20 20
6Dimitar IvankovBulgaria 14 (+17)5 (+2)1 (+3) 202242
7Fernando PattersonCosta Rica18 (+14)2 (+1)  201535
8Cristian Lucchetti Argentina 17 2 19 19
9Phan Văn SantosVietnam 14 1 15 15
10Kennedy MweeneZambia11  213 13
11Hugo SuárezBolivia11 1 12 12
12Hans-Jörg ButtGermany9 (+17)(+1)2 (+1) 111930
13Sebastián VieraUruguay9 2 11 11
14MárcioBrazil812 11 11
15Exar RosalesPeru9 1 10 10
16Žarko LučićYugoslavia10 (+15)   101525
17Gastón LosaArgentina 91  10 10
18Mario VillasantiParaguay 91  10 10

All goals at top senior level are counted (top national divisions, national cups, official international tournaments, official games between national teams).
Brazilian state championships Paulista and Carioca have status equal to national leagues (according to IFFHS decision).
NL – National League
NC – National Cups
ICC – International Club Competitions
NT – National Team

Full name of Márcio: Márcio Luiz Silva Lopes Santos Souza.
from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2021 (for the ranking Total XXI);
from career start to December 31, 2021 (for the ranking Total Career).

Tiebreaking criteria in case of equal number of total goals: 1) international goals (ICC + NT), 2) goals scored for national team (NT), 3) goals scored in domestic league (NL), 4) strength of the league (on IFFHS ranking for leagues)