Picture : Cristiano Ronaldo (7) and Lionel Messi (3) broke 10 Records in World Football in 2021 !

Plenty of records beaten in 2021

The outgoing year was rich of updated records in the world football. In this table, we have compiled the most significant records that were broken in 2021, in chronological order.
For Cristiano Ronaldo, this year was especially triumphant. He took possession of two of the most important world records - on the number of goals for a national team and for the number of top-level official goals in general. And besides, he took a scattering of European records.
Lionel Messi has also taken two world records, for one-club and one-league goals, and in addition became the top goal-scorer of national teams in South America.
All these records Messi took away from Pele, who, thus, lost in 2021 most of his outstanding achievements, which he owned for about half a century.

New record holderDate of beatingZoneType of recordBy beatingBy nowOld record holder
Lionel Messi 06/01/2021WOne-club goals (Barcelona)646672Pele (Santos)
Cristiano Ronaldo 27/02/2021WTotal goals766802Pele
Kazuyoshi Miura10/03/2021WFirst 5-decade player   
Lionel Messi 22/04/2021WOne-league goals (Spain)469474Pele (Paulista)
Jude Bellingham13/06/2021EYoungest player in Euros17-34917-349Jetro Willems 
Cristiano Ronaldo 15/06/2021EParticipations in Euros5  
Cristiano Ronaldo 15/06/2021EGoals in Euros1014Michel Platini
Cristiano Ronaldo 23/06/2021EEuro one-edition goals (incl. qualifying)1616Davor Šuker
Cristiano Ronaldo 23/06/2021WNational team goals109115Ali Daei
Italy05/09/2021WUnbeaten series3637Brazil, Spain
Lionel Messi 09/09/2021SANational team goals7880Pele
Ronnie Brunswijk 21/09/2021WOldest player in international games 60-19860-198George Weah 
Cristiano Ronaldo 09/10/2021ENational team games181184Sergio Ramos 
Cristiano Ronaldo 20/10/2021EGames in European club competitions187189Iker Casillas

Abbreviatures: W – world, E – Europe, SA – South America