Picture : Memphis Depay scored 17 goals in 2021 with the National Team !

Memphis Depay enters the all-time ranking of one-year national team goal-scorers! 

Memphis Depay completed the Dutch national team program in 2021 with a staggering 17 goals.
Over this century, only 4 players have managed to score more in a calendar year so far: Ali Mabkhout (19 goals in 2019), Hani Al-Dhabit (18 goals in 2001), Kevin Parsemain (18 goals in 2012) and Mohammad Al-Sahlawi (18 goals in 2015).
In the world ranking of all times (see below), Depay is placed 20th.
The record in this category is very old; it was set more than a century ago. It belongs to Vivian Woodward who scored 25 goals in 10 matches in 1909.
Woodward played simultaneously for two national teams (though belonging to the same country) - England (11 goals in 5 matches) and England Amateurs (14 goals in 5 matches), which existed then on equal terms.
In total, there were 7 cases in history when a player scored 20+ goals in a year (while not once in our century) and 40 cases when 15+ goals.
Four players reached this mark twice: Vivian Woodward, Sándor Kocsis, Kinnah Phiri and Kazuyoshi Miura (with Woodward scoring more than 20 both times), and one player 3 times: Ali Daei.
A bit strange, the record holder on the number of goals for national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, did not manage to reach 15 goals even once.
Regards this ranking, in the case of same number of goals, we place higher a player with fewer appearances. 

1Vivian Woodward England, England Amateurs25190910
2Sándor KocsisHungary23195414
3Ali DaeiIran22199618
4Vivian Woodward England, England Amateurs21190813
5Bashar AbdullahKuwait21200015
6Karim BagheriIran20199715
7Ali DaeiIran20200019
8Jasem Al-HuwaidiKuwait19199814
 Ali MabkhoutUAE19201914
11Sven RydellSweden1819249
12Mohammad Al-SahlawiSaudi Arabia18201510
13Just FontaineFrance18195812
14Borivoje KostićYugoslavia18196017
 Kevin ParsemainMartinique18201217
16Kinnah PhiriMalawi18197519
 Kazuyoshi MiuraJapan18199719
18Hani Al-DhabitOman18200128
19Godfrey ChitaluZambia17197814
20Ali DaeiIran17200416
 Memphis DepayNetherlands17202116
22Kiatisuk SenamuangThailand17200122
23Archie ThompsonAustralia1620017
24Imre SchlosserHungary16191210
25Sándor KocsisHungary16195212
26Natipong Sritong-InThailand16199613
27Kazuyoshi MiuraJapan16199315
28Isa Abu BakarMalaysia16197616
29Mohamed Mokhtar DahariMalaysia16197617
 Hwang Sun-hongSouth Korea16199417
31Kinnah PhiriMalawi16197819
32Gunnar NordahlSweden1519477
33Kunishige Kamamoto Japan1519728
34Dušan BajevićYugoslavia15197212
36Soetjipto "Gareng" SoentoroIndonesia15196815
37Majed AbdullahSaudi Arabia15198416
 Shinji OkazakiJapan15200916
40Cha Bum-kunSouth Korea15197726