Picture : Messi, Bican, Ronaldo - World record holders. Lukaku joins them.

The world records for scoring streaks in different categories

Romelu Lukaku failed to score for Roma in the 9 November game vs Slavia Prague (0-2), ending his 14-game run in the Europa League that lasted since 2014.
Lukaku set the world record for the longest scoring streak in a single major international club tournament (considering all continents).
In this connection, we are publishing a selection of similar world records in various categories.
For example, Leo Messi holds the streak record for all national leagues in the world (he scored in 21 matches in a row).
Cristiano Ronaldo holds two records (for all club international matches and separately for the Champions Leagues and their analogues in all confederations), and Josef Bican still holds three: in the category of all domestic matches (20), all club matches (21) and all matches overall (23).
In all categories, only top level matches are taken into account.

CategoryRecord holderCountryGamesFromTo
All GamesJosef BicanBohemia-Moravia2303/07/193919/05/1940
League GamesLionel MessiArgentina2111/11/201205/05/2013
All Club GamesJosef BicanBohemia-Moravia2103/07/193919/05/1940
All Domestic GamesJosef BicanBohemia-Moravia2003/09/193919/05/1940
Single International Club Comp.Romelu LukakuBelgium1427/11/201426/10/1923
International Club GamesCristiano RonaldoPortugal1213/09/201711/04/2018
Champions LeagueCristiano RonaldoPortugal1103/06/201711/04/2018
National Team GamesAbdul Ghani Minhat Malaysia1128/05/196128/08/1962