Picture : Josef Bican, the LEGEND in action !

All-time best top division goal-scorers: Czechoslovakia & Czech Republic combined (Part 33)

Today we present the ranking for the best goal-scorers of the Czechoslovak/Czech league since its formation in 1925, which unites all stages of its existence: Czechoslovakia from 1925 to 1938 and then again from 1945 to 1993, Bohemia & Moravia during the period of German occupation 1938-1944, the Czech Republic from 1993 up to now.
The legendary Josef Bican leads the rankings by a huge margin. His amount of 444 goals (416 of them for Slavia) was the world record for the national leagues until being beaten by Lionel Messi in the Spanish League.
Bican has played only 282 matches, what gives a fantastic coefficient - 1.57 goals per match on average!
Second place in the ranking belongs to Bican's team-mate in Slavia Prague, Vlastimil Kopecký (255 goals).
14 players have reached the 150-goal mark, all native players (not counting the fact that Biсan also had Austrian citizenship and played for Austria).
Raymond Braine (Belgium) is the best scorer among foreigners - 122 goals (all for Sparta).
55 players have scored 100 and more goals; only one of them is active, Milan Škoda (104), but he didn’t play in top division now.
Statistics is taken from the research of Roman Jašek.
Many clubs took different names throughout their history. In such cases, for simplicity, a club is always mentioned by its current name (Slavia = Dynamo, Sparta = Spartak Sokolovo, Bohemians = Bohemia Vršovice = Železničáři, Inter Bratislava = Cervena Hviezda, etc.)

 PlayerPeriodGoalsGamesBreakdown by clubs
1Josef Bican1937-1955444282Slavia 416, Vítkovice 28
2Vlastimil Kopecký1932-1951255322Slavia 255
3Antonín Hájek1934-1944198203SK Plzeň 198
4David Lafata1999-2018198418České Budějovice 27, Jablonec 88, Sparta 83
5František Kloz1928-1940178190SK Kladno 175, Slavia 3
6Horst Siegl1987-2006177436Sparta 128, Cheb 7, Příbram 26, Viktoria Plzeň 5, Most 11
7Oldřich Nejedlý1931-1946175225Sparta 157, Rakovník 18
8Miroslav Wiecek1948-1964173325Baník Ostrava 173
9Jozef Adamec1959-1976170385Spartak Trnava 138, Dukla 17, Slovan Bratislava 15
10Ladislav Kareš1940-1951169194Bohemians 91, SK Pardubice 8, Viktoria Plzeň 21, Teplice 25, Slavia 24
11Ladislav Pavlovič1950-1965166347Tatran Prešov 152, Inter Bratislava 14
12Vojtěch Bradáč1930-1943165179Viktoria Žižkov 23, Slavia 106, Sparta 6, Nusle 30
13Jiří Pešek1944-1964155298Bohemians 81, Sparta 33, Slavia 38, Motorlet 3
14Radek Drulák1981-1998150303Cheb 38, Sigma Olomouc 62, Petra Drnovice 50