CR7, new best ever national leagues’ goal-scorer !

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the owner of another world record. Two goals scored for Al-Nasr against Al Shabab on 30 August are his 516th and 517th amassed in the national leagues. 
He surpassed Josef Bican and Ferenc Puskás who held this record commonly with 515 goals.
This ranking doesn’t include goals in regional leagues; only national leagues proper are in consideration; that’s why you don’t see here Pele, Romario and others who collected many goals in the state leagues.
In this category, there are only 3 players in the whole history so far to reach the mark of 500 (Messi will be 4th soon) and 8 to reach 400. 

 PlayerNationalityPeriodGoalsBreakdown by leagues
1Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2002-517Portugal 3, England 103, Spain 311, Italy 81, Saudi Arabia 19
2Josef BicanAustria, CS, BM1931-1955515Austria 71, Czechoslovakia & Bohemia-Moravia 444
3Ferenc PuskásHungary, Spain1943-1966515Hungary 359, Spain 156
4Lionel Messi Argentina 2004-496Spain 474, France 22
5Imre Schlosser Hungary1906-1927417Hungary 411, Austria 6
6Gyula ZsengellérHungary1935-1952416Hungary 387, Italy 6, Colombia 23
7Jimmy McGroryScotland1922-1937409Scotland 409
8Gerd MüllerGermany1964-1981405Germany 365, USA (NASL) 40