Neymar, one of 4 players with 100+ goals in 3 clubs

Neymar’s spell in PSG has come to an end at 118 goals scored in all competitions. In his both previous clubs, he also scored more than 100 goals: 136 for Santos, 105 for Barcelona.
To be so prolific in three different clubs is quite rare feat for a goal-scorer in the whole history of world football. Apart from Neymar, it was achieved by only 3 other stars. 
The first of them was the legendary Basque Isidro Lángara who has scored 100+ goals with Real Oviedo in Spain,  San Lorenzo in Argentina and 
Real España in Mexico. 
What is worth to be added regarding his unique career, he achieved 100+ goals in three different national top divisions (no one has repeated it up to now!), and moreover, in three different continents!
The next players to score 100+ for three clubs are Romário and Cristiano Ronaldo. As for CR7, he has added also the Portugal national team to the list of teams where he scored 100+, so he is unique player with 4 such teams, if we expand the area of consideration to national selections (let’s see if Al-Nassr becomes the 5th!)

 100+ GOALS    FOR THREE CLUBS       
 Isidro LángaraOviedo1047319   196
 SpainSan Lorenzo110    1111
 1930-1948Real España105 141  120
 RomárioVasco da Gama83126122519 265
 BrazilPSV98 14 16 128
 1985-2007Flamengo3796221714 186
 Cristiano RonaldoManchester United103 13425 145
 PortugalReal Madrid311 224113 450
 2002-Juventus81 4214 101
 NeymarSantos545313 16 136
 BrazilBarcelona68 15121 105
 2009-PSG82 8622 118