Picture : River Plate and Porto Alegre - what a penalty series !

Third most prolific shootout series in Copa Libertadores

The second leg of the Copa Libertadores 1/8 finals duel Internacional Porto Alegre vs River Plate (after the opponents exchanged 2-1 home wins) culminated with a penalty shootout series, which became one of longest in the history of the tournament. 
The two teams had to take a total of 20 attempts, of which 17 hit the target. Internacional won the series 9-8.
This series took third place in the historical ranking of the tournament in terms of the number of goals. Details are in the table.

 Home Team Away Team Shootout Score ScoredTakenDateStage
1América de Cali Newell's Old Boys10-11 212603/06/1992SF
2Newell's Old Boys Boca Juniors10-9 192629/05/2013QF
3InternacionalRiver Plate9-8 172008/08/2023R16