Picture : Frantzdy Pierrot scored not only for Maccabi, also for his National team of Haïti !

Gold Cup statistics on the group stage, match-day 1

*Honduras have lost to Mexico (0-4) by a difference of 4+ goals for the first time since a friendly on 8 April 1980 (the score was 1-5); 
for the first time in a competitive match since a 2-8 defeat in the 1935 Central American and Caribbean Games).

*It is the worst loss for Honduras in the Gold Cup, behind only the 0-5 against Brazil in the 1996 group stage.

*Frantzdy Pierrot (Haiti) has scored vs Qatar (2-1) a goal at 7th minute of the compensated time. It is the 2nd latest goal (not considering extra times) ever scored to win a Gold Cup match, behind only the goal by Héctor Herrera against Canada in the 2021 semifinals (scored at 9th compensated minute).

*With a draw vs Jamaica (1-1), United States prolonged their unbeaten series in Gold Cup debuts. They have never lost their first game in a Gold Cup: 15 wins and 2 draws in 17 editions.

*In total, United States have lost just 1 of their 44 Gold Cup group stage games so far (38 wins and 5 draws). That only defeat was against Panama (1-2) on 11 June 2011, in the 2nd round of group stage).

*Jamaica also have not lost their first Gold Cup match since 2009 (0-1 vs Canada), with a record of 4 wins and 2 draws in 6 debut games since then. 

*El Salvador became the first team in the Gold Cup history to lose a match (1-2 vs Martinique) in which they took two penalties against an opponent who played with a man down.

*However, El Salvador always overcame the Gold Cup group stage when they began with a loss: in 2002 (0-1 vs Mexico), in 2003 (0-2 vs United States), in 2011 (0-5 vs Mexico) and in 2017 (1-3 vs Mexico).

*For the first time in the entire Gold Cup history, two own goals have been scored in the same match, Canada vs Guadeloupe 2-2 (Jacen Russell-Rowe from Canada and Meddy Lina from Guadeloupe).

*For the first time in the Gold Cup history, five Caribbean teams have gained points on the first match-day of the group stage (victories for Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Martinique, draws for Jamaica and Guadeloupe).